In Nikolaev the students tried to show «separsky» film», they got up and left

In Nikolaev students of national University. Sukhomlinsky tried to show a film about the events in the Donbass in the spring of 2014, which was actively represented «point of view» of the separatists.

The film is called «Those who came to power», according to the local Nikolaev website

So, according to the agenda, the organizers of the project on the «Presumption of innocence police» had to talk about the problem of this bill and show the corresponding film on this subject. However, instead of the film relating to the theme sounded, students showed the provocative film, which sparked among students a number of grievances.

In particular, in a documentary about the events of 2014 were abundantly shown a video of Pro-Russian rallies, as well as the moments of the funeral of local residents which were accused in all «Ukrainian snipers». This angered the students, they felt the film «separsky» and started to leave.

As the local media, was organized by local activist Elena Kabashnaya. Also at the screening was attended by the deputies-regionals of the city Council Artem Grozov and Paul Zotkin, and Maxim Nevenchanny, the Deputy of the Nikolaev regional Council and the head of the Nikolaev branch of the public organization of the godfather Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk «the Ukrainian choice».

After another shot, the patience of the students snapped and they began to leave the room. Kabashnaya tried to stop them.

In response, the students explicitly stated that the film is a lot of propaganda from the point of view of Russia and militants.

In addition, then Kabashnaya noted that some students still wrote applications in SBU that she is very upset.

As the «Fourth power», Kabashnayai stated in the comments that it is for pluralism and representation of all points of view. In addition, she said, because the film is a documentary, it may be a witness against the crimes of the terrorists «DNR» in the international court.

As previously reported, in the theater of the city of Bakhmut Donetsk region (Artemivsk earlier) students showed a Russian propaganda film «Unity», in which the Ukrainians are depicted in the role of rapists of women. A resident of Bahmut wrote a statement about the criminal offence to the competent authorities. Then he said that he received a letter from the Director of the theater in which the students were shown a Russian film. The author argues that this «Unity» shown incorrectly – say, was to show the film «Povodyr» Oles Sanin.

In Nikolaev the students tried to show «separsky» film», they got up and left 24.11.2016

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