In new York a man in broad daylight stole from an armored car 36 kg of gold

The new York city police are hunting a man who took from an armored security van container of gold, weighing 36 kilograms, and carried it away, barely passing on a busy street.

The theft occurred on September 29 in one of the busiest areas of Manhattan Midtown, but it has become aware of only now. The stolen gold is estimated at $ 1.6 million, reports the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

Police declined to release that the man was just walking around when he saw that the open machine is left unattended. One of the guards suffered at the delivery and the other for a minute went to the cabin for a mobile phone, leaving an open back.

The burden was too heavy, and CCTV footage shows that the attacker spent an hour trying to overcome the distance that light can be completed in 10 minutes. The thief was walking down a crowded street, pausing to take a breath. Then he got out of the reach of cameras.

The description of the police, the attacker approximately 50-60 years old, he’s Hispanic, an increase of about 170 cm and weighing around 70 kg. Authorities believe that he left new York and is now hiding somewhere in Orlando or in Miami, Florida.

Earlier in new York was arrested a native of Ukraine, who, after committing a series of robberies of banks made the list of the most wanted criminals USA.

In new York a man in broad daylight stole from an armored car 36 kg of gold 01.12.2016

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