In new Jersey blew up a suspicious backpack

Near the train station in the us state of new Jersey, an explosion occurred. As reported citing a source in law enforcement bodies, exploded backpack, which, apparently, was improvised explosives.

As a result of explosion nobody has suffered. Police began investigating the incident. The bomb was reported by two men who noticed a suspicious backpack in a trash can near the train tracks station Elizabeth in the early morning of September 19.

In the end, the movement of trains was suspended. The explosion occurred around 6:40 Kyiv time when the robot approached the subject to study it. It is noted that the explosion was not manageable.

After the explosion, bystanders and media representatives were asked to go away. According to the police, found the backpack was about five explosive devices and the other four could remain intact.

The mayor of Elizabeth Chris Bollwage told that the first two men took an unattended backpack, «because I thought that it has something valuable», but after a while saw him wires and tubes, dropped the bag and went to the police. The mayor noted that, given the force of the explosion, people could seriously get hurt.» According to him, the bombs themselves or next to them wasn’t discovered mobile phones or other electronic devices used for time reference.

On September 17 in new York and new Jersey a powerful explosion. According to police, in new York injured 29 people. Later in new Jersey found two unexploded bombs made from scraps of pipe. Another explosive device found in new York.

According to us media reports, the explosive devices deployed on Saturday in new Jersey and new York, were made by one and the same person. Earlier it was reported that he was detained five men suspected of involvement in the bombings, although the FBI denied it.

In new Jersey blew up a suspicious backpack 19.09.2016

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