In NACP want to check e-Declaration of not more than 180 days

The National Agency for prevention of corruption prepared a draft of the full verification of electronic declarations, but the public’s suggestions will take into account. This was stated by the Deputy head of the NACP Ruslan Radetsky at a briefing Tuesday before the round table with representatives of the public, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

«Today, the financial control Department is almost ready next project a complete check (declarations). We are ready today to discuss with the expert community, the public, listen to their wishes and make their amendments in our full review,» he said.

But Radetzky said that there are legal requirements that must be considered.

According to him, the information for verification may come from the media, public authorities, from the Internet or from the Institute of discoverers.

Information will be checked within 10 days on the subject of grounds for initiation of a full scan.

The very test are to be conducted within 180 days from the date of disclosure of the grounds. If necessary, may extend this period for not more than 180 days, said Radetsky. He added that it is also possible the suspension and then resumption of testing, but no violation of the period of 180 days.

Full validation of e-returns provides for three types of control: timeliness, correctness and completeness, and logical and arithmetic control.

Radetzky said that develop technical specifications run automated checks is 4-5-th module which will enable NACP to automatically carry out the test: the program is connected to other registers of the authorities – and automatically map the available information, and then to show in red, if the filer has violated the law, and green if no of offenses is not established.

Until then, will act in «manual mode»: the specialists of financial control Department prepare requests to the public authorities that own these or other registers, and then to compare them with data declarations.

All declarations must be verified.

For failure to timely Declaration of the person concerned will be prosecuted.

As reported, on October 31, the first stage of submission of electronic declarations for 2015 for the subjects of declaring, who is responsible and very responsible position.

The system of electronic Declaration began to operate from 1 September 2016.

President Petro Poroshenko believes a big step forward launching the system of electronic Declaration and requires that declarants explained his condition.

Ruslan Radetsky declared that the first criminal proceedings for illicit enrichment of Ukrainian officials is not expected until January 2017.

In NACP want to check e-Declaration of not more than 180 days 10.01.2017

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