In NACP does not have the authority to check cash officials from the e-declarations

The national Agency for the prevention of corruption has not yet decided how to verify the information by e-declarations of officials and politicians about the amount of cash, because the law does not grant the Agency such powers.

In an interview with ZN.UA said a member of the NACP Ruslan riaboshapka.

According to him, members of the NACP «can’t just come home to the declarant and to convert it to cash».

However Ryaboshapka noted that information on cash in the electronic Declaration can still be useful for law enforcement.

«When detained one of heads yeah, at his house found a lot of valuables and cash. If this happened today, and found the cash was not declared, then criminal charges would be added, maybe 2 articles for illicit enrichment and false information in the Declaration,» he said.

In addition Ryaboshapka noted that the deadline for the verification of the electronic Declaration of officials or policies is limited to the period of his stay in the service, and three years after his dismissal.

«We will have somewhere around 150 thousand declarations for 2015, a full scan which we have to do. The norm of the law on inspection within 90 days was removed, because it is unreal, and now the review period — the entire period of stay of the official or the politician at the service plus 3 years after the dismissal,» said riaboshapka.

He added that NACP «must meet the expectations of society and to respond, at least in the most egregious cases of illicit enrichment or the submission of false data,» but the technical capabilities to conduct effective inspections in the Agency, according to him, currently there.

Earlier NACP approved the procedure on monitoring and verification of electronic Declaration of the person authorized to perform state functions or local government.

In NACP does not have the authority to check cash officials from the e-declarations 12.11.2016

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