In Munich discussed Syria: coalition set to win in the fight against the Islamic state

French defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian believes that trained by the international coalition of rebel groups will win «ISIL», and possibly with ground operations involving the armed forces of the countries of the region.

U.S. intelligence does not exclude «chemical» Terekty «ISIS»

He said this during a speech on the sidelines of the Munich security conference, reports UKRINFORM.

«Of course we will win «ISIS» on the ground, and free Syria. That’s why we train groups of rebels. They will liberate Syria from «ISIS», with coalition support from the air, by the teachings and, perhaps, with ground operations by forces of the countries of the region, which has already made signals that they are ready for such steps,» he said.

According to him, this can happen in the near future.

However, he stressed that an important task is to fight against the propaganda network of radical Islamists. «We must fight the propaganda «ISIL», which is effective. We have to break their network of propaganda,» said Le Drian.

In turn, Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi, speaking at the conference, said that the Iraqi army is set to release soon the last stronghold of «ISIS» in the country, Mosul, and promises to do this without military involvement from other countries, primarily Turkish.

«Promise to liberate the last occupied STATE-city, Mosul», — said the head of government, noting that it would not be easy.

The Prime Minister said that on Iraqi soil only to fight the Iraqi military. The only country that sent to Iraq soldiers Turkey, he said.

Al-Abadi called on Ankara to withdraw its troops, which is in the country without the permission of Baghdad, and therefore illegal. Moreover, exacerbates the situation, he said that the Turkish military are in the area of Mosul, which Turkey considers its ancestral territory.

«It’s very dangerous,» he said. However, he assured that the friendship with the neighboring country «very important» for Iraq and that should solve the problem in a confidential manner.

«We decide who needs to help Iraq. Don’t need to solve it for us. Should there be troops without our permission, may help us in other ways,» concluded Haidar al-Abadi.

The Iraqi Prime Minister also assured that the General situation in his country is now stable, but the threat to Iraq and the Persian Gulf countries is the collapse in oil prices that could lead to depicting a Domina effect and the collapse of the markets and exchanges.

Recall that in combating the Islamic state the current leadership of the USA uses a mixed tactics, inclusive ( powerful strikes and the participation of special forces, trainers, and logistical support to the enemies of the Islamic state from among the moderate Syrian opposition and the Kurds, but essentially avoids large-scale ground operations against its military contingent similar to the intervention in Iraq or Afghanistan. The administration of Obama and he personally always emphasize the effectiveness of this approach, condemning ourselves to a crushing criticism from the most radical supporters of the Republican party and a debate with representatives of the us military-industrial complex, including the operational military commanders (the Minister of defence Ashton Carter, the commander of the air force Deborah Lee James).

It is worth noting that a similar tactic in warfare with the «is» adhere to the other leading members of the international coalition, in particular, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others.

The Iraqi authorities reported about the successful operation in the provincial capital of Anbar city of Ramadi. Troops managed to dislodge the militants from the city centre, where they took refuge in administrative buildings. The return of Ramadi is a serious victory over the Islamists, because the capture of the city was for the «Islamic state» the biggest achievement in 2015.

U.S. intelligence does not exclude «chemical» Terekty «ISIS»

Terrorist group «Islamic state» is seeking to expand the possibilities of conducting terrorist attacks, including using against the civilian population of the chemical warfare weapons.

About this stated the head of US National intelligence James Klapper, speaking at the Munich security conference.

«It is clear that they (the extremists of the Islamic state — ed.) have ambitions to do something bigger. We in the United States is concerned because there are signs that they («LIH» — ed.) would use chemical weapons against us,» said Director of nacrisferi USA.

According to him, «this is potentially a game-changer». He recalled that in recent history, extremists have used chemical weapons against the civilian population. In particular, one of the first such cases — the use of gas type «Sarin» in the Tokyo subway in 1995.

According to Klepper, this danger is relevant now and for Europe, if ISIS actually get into the hands of the weapon itself or the manufacturing technology of industrial chemicals. In addition, given the recent geography of terrorist attacks, Clapper noticed that it becomes a threat on a global scale.

Formerly Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense Vincent Stewart reported that the Islamic state would attempt in 2016 to conduct terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe.

In Munich discussed Syria: coalition set to win in the fight against the Islamic state 13.02.2016

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