In Mossack Fonseca has declared falsification of documents about offshore Empire that was stolen by hackers

Two days later, with the publication of a large-scale investigation on offshore companies, which was engaged by the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), a co-founder of the firm Mossack Fonseca, where leaked documents, accused the authors of rigging materials. Meanwhile, a Panamanian company, according to media reports, during the years of its activity has created 240 thousand bogus companies around the world.

Ramon Fonseca said that the authors of the investigation, having received the materials correctly interpreted the facts. He also stressed in an interview with Reuters that his firm was the victim of a hacker attack.

«We exclude the internal activity (in which the media leaked information. — Approx. ed). It’s not a leak. This is a hack,» said he, adding that the company has contacted the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Fonseca stressed that the emails published by the ICIJ were taken out of context. According to the businessman, Mossack Fonseca has never violated the laws and did not help anyone to evade paying taxes or to launder money. Previously Ramon Fonseca called the leaked documents a «criminal offense» and «attack» on the Panama. He also said that the company don’t have thoughts about who could leak that he characterized as «limited hacking».

It is worth noting that the press goes another version of the origin of sensational documents. As reported by the portal Caribbean News Now, a leak could occur due to the fault of the woman who thus allegedly wanted revenge. Former employee Mossack Fonseca, who had access to data, were in an intimate relationship with one of the partners of the company. However, the relationship ended badly and so she decided to disclose data about clients and information about them.

The words of co-founder Panamanian companies about the infallibility of the company may not be accurate. So, The Wall Street Journal reports that Mossack Fonseca since 1986 has created about 240 thousand bogus companies around the world.

According to the publication, in such activities the company started 30 years ago, when the German jürgen Massac merged his firm with the company lawyer Ramon Fonseca. According to journalists, Mossack Fonseca and either studied or worked together in London.

In Mossack Fonseca has declared falsification of documents about offshore Empire that was stolen by hackers 06.04.2016

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