In Moscow the authorities for the fourth time this year blew people’s memorial Nemtsov

On the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was once again ruined people’s memorial at the crime scene on Big Moskvoretsky bridge near Kremlin. This is the fourth such incident since the beginning of the year.

It is reported portal OVD-info.

Before the devastation had been detained there on duty volunteers Sergey Kolesnikov and Karine Kashaeva. It tells Kashaeva, the reason for the detention was «an invented scandal». The detainees were taken to the police station «Kitay-Gorod», which allegedly was waiting for some witness to scandal. He never showed up. Half an hour later the detainees were released. During this time the bridge had taken all the flowers, despite the fact that half an hour after the detention of the volunteers there is a new duty, Igor Gordeev.

In this time volunteers managed to save the portraits of detainees took them to a police station and then returned back. The memorial will be once again restored.

From the beginning, this story happens for the fourth time, the previous incident happened on the night of January 30.

National memorial on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge was organized immediately after the murder of Boris Nemtsov in the night of 28 February 2015. However, in March there were any conflicts in relation to attempts of the Moscow authorities to remove the memorial.

In mid-July, the Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma has rejected a proposal to establish at the place of murder Nemtsov memorial. The opposition and human rights community said that with the decision of the authorities do not agree.

Tuesday, 16 February, the authorities and the opposition agreed on the route of the procession the memory of Nemtsov. It will be not like last year (from China-town to the bridge Nemtsov), and from Sretensky Boulevard to the Sakharov Avenue. It is also the centre of the city and there were often processions organised by Nemtsov.

In Moscow the authorities for the fourth time this year blew people’s memorial Nemtsov 17.02.2016

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