In Moscow detained a blogger Varlamov

In Moscow detained a Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov. This he said in comments to RBC.

«The Federal security service, the hours kept me at home, took the documents, forbidden to use a phone. Then they called the police and me to the Department of internal Affairs brought. Already a half hour passed, and no one says anything,» – said the blogger.

At the police station edition confirmed that Varlamov is at them. According to law enforcement officers, with the blogger will be interviewed and released.

The police added that Varlamov «aroused the suspicion of their behaviour and the committing of an offence». What kind of offence are not reported.

A few minutes ago on his page in Facebook Varlamov reported that he was released.

«All thanks, all are free. Refused the offer of communication, took the 51-th article (article 51 of the Russian Constitution implies the rejection of the testimony against oneself and close relatives. – «GORDON»). Gave the passport,» he wrote.

In Moscow detained a blogger Varlamov 29.03.2018

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