In Moldova, the liberal MPs initiate the resignation of Dodon

The deputies of the Liberal party of Moldova has submitted to Parliament a draft decision on suspension of powers of the President Igor Dodon in connection with his statements on Transnistria.

It is reported

According to them, the President has violated the Constitution, when congratulated Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky ‘s victory in the elections, thus recognizing the self-proclaimed Republic.

Although the Constitution of Moldova, the procedure of termination of activities of the President can be initiated by at least 34 MPs and the faction of the liberals they are less the party’s leader Mihai Ghimpu expressed hope that this step will be supported by colleagues in Parliament.

Press Secretary of the President of Moldova ion Ceban, commenting on the actions of the liberals, said that Ghimpu’s statement – «this attempt to rehabilitate a low rating, which the liberals are «made» as a result of acts contrary to the expectations of citizens and their constituents», informs «European true».

Earlier it was reported that the President of Moldova Igor Dodon for the first time since 2008, met with the leader of Transnistria.

In Moldova, the liberal MPs initiate the resignation of Dodon 16.01.2017

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