In Moldova have been protests against the elected President of Dodona

Sunday, November 21, in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, supporters of Maia Sandu came out to protest in the city centre, opposing the results of the presidential election, which Central election Commission of Moldova announced the winner of the leader of the Pro-Russian Socialist party Igor Dodon.

The protest was organized by the group «Youth of Moldova». Several hundred activists were holding flags and posters with inscriptions: «Off Dodon!», «We want round 3» and similar, reports Radio Liberty.

The protesters said they would continue such actions, both in Chisinau and in other towns of Moldova.

At the same time, Maia Sandu on the eve itself on the page in Facebook wrote that while the advocates of legal method of struggle in determining the outcome of elections.

«We decided to use all legal remedies to challenge the published results,» wrote Sandhu.

Recall, 13 October in Moldova there has passed the second round of presidential elections. According to the results of counting all the votes in the election of President of Moldova was won by the leader of the Socialist party Igor Dodon.

Note that the main competitor of Dodon, the leader of procuracy party «Action and solidarity» Maia Sandu said it is collecting signatures on an online petition on announcement of results of elections of the President of Moldova invalid.

The newly elected President of Moldova Igor Dodon criticized the Association of Moldova with the EU and advocated partnership with Russia.

In Moldova have been protests against the elected President of Dodona 21.11.2016

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