In Mariupol military wanted to forbid restaurants. Biletsky has threatened protests

The regimental commander of the National guard of Ukraine «Azov» and the people’s Deputy Andrey Biletsky has accused the city Council of Mariupol in an attempt to equate military status to animals. This is stated in the statement of the Deputy, reports

The indignation of Biletsky has caused one of the points of the so-called Memorandum of understanding between the city Council, law enforcement, leadership, tactical groups «Mariupol» and the enterprises of restaurant business. It says on the ban of entrance to restaurants to persons in uniform.

«Recently, the city Council of Mariupol made an unprecedented offer. Dubbed the so-called Memorandum between city Council, military, new police and members of small and medium-sized businesses was adopted by the leadership of the security forces. According to him, in the truest sense, each Ukrainian soldier has been equated to the status of the dog, and denied the right of entrance to any food establishment in the city. In the case of «penetration specified persons» — it is necessary to report it to the police,» said the Biletsky.

According to him, over the last few days, «tens, maybe hundreds» of soldiers had already experienced this Memorandum and were expelled from institutions of power.

«It is absolutely unacceptable that a bunch of trash — re-painted the party of regions headed by the mayor Boychenko is cynically mocked by the Ukrainian military,» — said Biletsky.

According to him, the Memorandum is forwarded for analysis to the lawyers. If this item is cancelled, the Deputy threatened to organize protests and to block the work of Mariupol city Council.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of the Department of Economics of Mariupol gorvata Yuri Campo reported that a Memorandum had already made changes. About it writes «the Website of the city of Mariupol».

Starting today, soldiers are allowed to attend cafes, restaurants and other establishments to 23:00. After that they are in any event obliged to leave the school. To bring weapons into a cafe or restaurant is prohibited. To sell alcohol in the military in the only case: if it is agreed with the leadership of the military unit 3057, and if the military rented a separate room.

In civilian clothing the military is allowed to buy alcohol and be in night clubs after 23:00 because in this case this person is considered a civilian.

We will remind, scandal has been simmering about the fight at the camp site in Dragobrat (Zakarpatska region) that took place between the ATO and volunteer employees of a local restaurant.

In Mariupol military wanted to forbid restaurants. Biletsky has threatened protests 03.02.2016

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