In Mariupol mayor elected Boychenko, in Krasnoarmeysk — Trepashkin, the CEC informs

The Central election Commission (CEC) published the results of local elections in Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk, Donetsk region. As reported in Thursday, 3 December 2015, the official website of the Commission, the mayor of Mariupol elected the independent candidate Vadim Boichenko, voted 88 093 (or 72,8% of voters).

Its closest competitor, which has taken on elections the second place, the independent candidate Yuriy Ternavsky has received the support of 10 of 207 (gained 8.4% of votes)

Also, according to the CEC, metro mayor elected self-nominated candidate Ruslan Trepashkin, which voted 17 441 (83.5 per cent of voters).

The representative of the Youth party of Ukraine , Sergei andriychenko, who took the second place on elections of the mayor of Krasnoarmeysk has received the support of 1 582 votes (7.58% of the votes).

As reported, local elections in Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk were held on 29 November 2015.

Conducted by Research & Branding Group exit poll in Mariupol, confirmed the result Boychenko (71.7% of the votes).

Boychenko — the top Manager of Mariupol Ilyich plant owned by the company «Metinvest» Rinat Akhmetov.

From «Opalocka» in the city Council will have 45 members, from the «Power people» — 5 deputies from «Our land «- 4 deputies. Other political forces did not overcome 5% barrier, although according to parallel counting of votes of the NGO «Electronic democracy» held on the basis of photocopies of protocols with the wet seals, BPP «Solidarity» surely gathered the necessary number of votes.

October 25, due to the lack of ballots local elections in Mariupol was ommaney, which was preceded by emotional political battles between the democratic forces and affilirovannymi with Akhmetov local elites. Because of the suspicions of attempts to manipulate kolichestvom forms for Golovnia opposed Ukraine’s richest man party members and social activists were not allowed to print ballot papers belonging to Akhmetov in the newspaper «Priazovsky worker», and another location print constantly had complications. Opponents of the former «regionals» also criticized the actions of the CEC, which, in their opinion, was not interested in the transparency of the electoral process.

In Mariupol mayor elected Boychenko, in Krasnoarmeysk — Trepashkin, the CEC informs 04.12.2015

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