In Malta, residents opposed the construction of Orthodox Church

The inhabitants of Malta spoke out against the buildings in the village of Kappara, the country’s first Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. It is reported by Times of Malta.

Community Kappari believes that the construction of the Church will create a residents Parking problems, will cause damage to the environment and become «an unacceptable addition» to the local community.

In the coming weeks, the villagers intend to apply to the planning authority of Malta statement criticizing the project.

Environmental organisation Nature Trust Malta supports local residents. According to activists, the project of the Church does not fit into the natural landscape. So, the 26-meter bell tower in the organization called «obsessive», but the very existence of the Church, according to activists, will increase the level of light and noise that will damage the ecology of the area and to «disturb the serene and natural atmosphere of the reserve Wied Għollieqa», which is on the territory of the village.

The Advisory Council of Malta in architecture also criticized the project. According to members of the Committee, the consistency built in the traditions of Russian Orthodox architecture is not objectionable, but the building should fit into the local architectural landscape.

Public debate about the construction of the Church scheduled for September 11.

Malta is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. 98% of Maltese are staunch Catholics. According to various estimates, the number of Orthodox in the country is less than 0.1% of the population.

In Malta, residents opposed the construction of Orthodox Church 21.08.2017

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