In Makiivka the invaders placed their artillery, under cover of a children’s Playground and hospital

In the occupied Donetsk Russian-terrorist troops shell Ukrainian positions from residential areas under the guise of social infrastructure facilities and residential buildings. About it in social networks reported by local residents, who also took the photos of the corresponding artillery calculations, reports «the Fourth power».

As you can see in the picture, the militants located near the famous unfinished Makeevka, Chervonogvardeysky district. It is an unfinished monolithic quarter of the houses located in the Eastern district, whose construction was discontinued in the 90-ies.

On the picture shows a children’s Playground, near where you left off artillery crew.

In addition, as noted in the diagram, the militants located near iinternet, hospital and kindergarten, thus hoping to bring back the APU fire on these objects.

In social networks, the Makiivka write that local residents took to the militants and demanded that they moved their positions to another location. «How true this information is, and whether the villagers to persuade militants to leave in another place — has not yet been set», — notes the edition.

According to the monitoring of the project «Stoperror», the occupation administration of Makeyevka is headed by Valery lyakhovets 1955, made his career at «regionals». From 2001 to 2004, the man was in the service of the Donetsk regional state administration, where he worked as first Deputy head of the Department of housing and communal services; c 2004 and 2014 — the Deputy of the mayor of Donetsk on the activities of the Executive bodies of the Council.

In September last year, the lyakhovets was appointed as its first «Deputy» «regions» Vladimir meshu.

Before the Russian military invasion of the Mesh held the position of head of the Kirov district of Donetsk. After in cooperation with the Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DNR» headed Kalinin district of Donetsk.

To the management of the Kirov district Mesha began in 2010 after the elections in city, regional and district Council of Donetsk, in which he participated from the Party of regions.

In Makiivka the invaders placed their artillery, under cover of a children’s Playground and hospital 06.02.2017

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