In Macedonia, for the sake of reconciliation with Greece, began to demolish monuments

In Macedonia removed the signs with the name of Alexander the great with the main airport and key motorway and proceeded to dismantle the statues, which could be regarded as expansionary in relation to the Greek Ekathimerini writes.

Therefore, the Macedonian authorities are trying to reassure Greece on the background of the dispute over the name Macedonia.

In particular, in Skopje in front of the building of the main court of the country demolished a monument to the revolutionary and nationalist of the nineteenth century Andong Anevo. This monument, and the statues of leaders of Macedonia Byzantine and post-Byzantine times, was established during the Premiership of the head of the nationalist party of Nikola Gruevski. The current Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was at that time in opposition.

Since the collapse of Yugoslavia in the early 1990-ies Macedonia leads the dispute with Greece about its name. In the 90-ies of Greece appealed to the UN with the claim that the name «Macedonia» is purely Greek ethnonym (the so-called one area of the country). By decision of the UN, Macedonia is now officially bears the name «the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia».

In December 2015, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that Macedonia is ready to negotiate about the name change, the possible options can be put to a referendum.

Macedonia’s Parliament adopted a resolution on NATO membership in 1993, but the country is still at the stage of negotiations with the Alliance. Greece is blocking the negotiations of Macedonia with the EU and NATO, arguing that the name Macedonia is a claim on Greek territory with the same name.

In Macedonia, for the sake of reconciliation with Greece, began to demolish monuments 25.02.2018

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