In Lviv, we buried five hundred Communist prisoners of concentration camps, including victims in a forced abortion clinic

On the field of honor № 76, Lviv memorial «cemeteries» February 3, 2016 ceremony was held a solemn reburial of the remains of 511 people who illegally detained in Soviet transit prison no 25 in 1944-1955, he worked in occupied Lviv on the street Poltava (now prospect Vyacheslav Chornovil, 45). Funeral Liturgy was held by members of the clergy of different Christian denominations. The ceremony was attended by dozens of people, among them social activists, former political prisoners, leaders of the city and region, informs the official website of the Museum complex «Territory of terror» created in place of the prison.

«In the twentieth century, violent death was killed every second citizen and each fourth woman. They have not given offspring. And it’s a terrible page of our history. In General Ukrainian history without bromine is difficult to read. Today we are going to do our Christian duty. The war ends when the last soldier dies, who took part in it. And our task is properly buried,» said the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyy.

«We don’t know these people, their fates, but we know that they died because of the enemy who was destroyed, and that enemy kills and more. We need unity, we need wise leadership. Ukrainians have always, when they received independence, thought it was forever. This is very misleading. For independence must be fought every day,» he said.

Part of the human skeletal remains exhumed from the construction site of the Memorial Museum «Territory of terror». The rest found within the land plot in the garden coop «Svitoch» (6th Topolinyy lane), where once was located sparkledust the NKVD, is reported on the page of the memorial Lychakiv.

«The guys were very difficult, primarily mentally. Often in research it was necessary to arrange the rest so they could continue on,» said Svyatoslav Sheremet, the Director who conducted the search and exhumation of the municipal enterprise «Share».

Transit prison no 25 acted on the territory of Lviv from 1944 to 1955, performing the role of a concentration camp, where prisoners were brought in the postwar period people. Here was formed the trains, then going to the concentration camps of the Gulag.

During the excavations were discovered female skeletons and the skeletons of little children. The specialists noted that they were able to identify a large number of infants buried together with women. All were buried in wooden boxes, often one of a few people. Along with skeletons found of the ampoule from the medication, and metal tags with numbers of prisoners. Some had traces of trepanation of the skull, writes the «Day.»

According to specialists, 67 of 511 human remains belong to children.

«According to anthropological studies, the majority of the remains of children are the unborn children. Pregnant women prior to sending the expulsion was carried out artificial birth that they get to these hard labour without the fetus in the womb» — said at the ceremony, the Director of the Museum «Territory of terror» Taras Czolij.

Buried only 100 completely filled coffins. In one grave a few of the exhumed remains.

Accompanied by the military orchestra of the remains of former prisoners took to the crypt, where are buried other victims of the Communist repression.

Recall, after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity of 2013/2014 in Ukraine banned the activities of the Communist party, as well as political symbols and propaganda of the Soviet occupation. Settlements, streets, squares and other objects, renamed in honor of the famous former Communists, returned to historical names or (by decision of local and Central authorities) are new.

In Lviv, we buried five hundred Communist prisoners of concentration camps, including victims in a forced abortion clinic 05.02.2016

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