In Lviv patrol arrested a drunken police major, and he called friends, relatives and ambulance

Lviv patrol detained the man with the identity of a police major, who operated the car in an alcohol intoxication. This is stated in the message of the patrol police of Lviv in Facebook.

At approximately twelve o’clock midnight patrol noticed on the street of Princess Olga, 106 BMW 520, which was up on the curb and parked. When the inspectors approached the driver, I noticed that he is in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The man at first admitted that he was the driver, and then began to deny that operated the vehicle and their involvement in it. The man at itself had a certificate of police major issued by 24 November 2015.

According to the report, the detainee refused to be tested for alcohol in his support urged friends and relatives. Subsequently, the man started to complain of deterioration of state of health and called the ambulance. The driver was hospitalized.

«Responsibility for driving in a drunken state he can not be avoided», — the report says.

It is also reported about two cases of detention of drivers in an alcohol intoxication.

So, another detainee who was driving the Daewoo Lanos car in a drunken state tried to avoid responsibility under the guise that his father was a militia Colonel in retirement. In the police Department revealed that the guy was a Protocol on the same article in 2013 and 2014 and 2015.

An accident involving a drunk occurred in the square near the square of St. George. The man on the car brand Kia has driven into a road sign. From checking on the state of alcoholic intoxication refused.

Formerly known racer and volunteer Alex Mochanov told how he had to get acquainted with the new police: «a Young officer to my question: «is it Possible for the first time be limited to a verbal warning?» replied briefly: «Candy buketny period is over, the command was given to tear up all and for all!»

In Lviv patrol arrested a drunken police major, and he called friends, relatives and ambulance 16.01.2016

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