In Lviv «mined» 10 restaurants. The police can’t catch persistent anonymous

In Lviv today, February 2, «mined» the ten establishments in the city centre. The message to the number «102» received at 7:20, according to with reference to the press service of the patrol police of the city.

In particular, the «mined» «Stargorod», Roman, «Gasova LAMPE» on the Armenian street, the pub on railroad street, «»Kryyivka «» on Market square, for the seventh time — «Prague» on hnatyuka str, «Kumpel» in a specific area, pub «Korzo» on the street Brothers rohatyntsiv 10, the restaurant «Atmosphere» at the corner of the street Serbian Brothers, «Darwin» on Szewska street, and «Leopolis» on street Theatrical.

On place left the law enforcement officers and bomb experts. People from institutions were evacuated, the premises examined by experts.

As reported the UNIAN a source in law enforcement bodies, inspection of restaurants, most of which are located in buildings where the upper floors are residential and office space, will last indefinitely, because the number of experts-bomb experts with special equipment and handlers for the simultaneous examination of all of institutions is not enough.

Starting on January 26, attackers daily reported about mining of the restaurant «Prague», requiring them to pay 10 thousand UAH per week. A message about a possible bomb threat they sent an email to the SBU.

Residents of apartments located in the same building as the restaurant, expressed dissatisfaction with the inaction of law enforcement officers, because daily reports of mining they fear at this time to be at home, given that the reported explosives might be true.

In addition, the explosives part of the street Hnatiuk overlap, making it impossible entry into or exit from the yards, and also difficult to move to the booths Central advance train tickets.

Earlier it was reported that calls about mining often comes from Russia and via Skype.

In Lviv «mined» 10 restaurants. The police can’t catch persistent anonymous 02.02.2016

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