In Lviv military working on a reflection of flank attacks and fighting in the premises

Unit Air Force began training on the tactics of ground combat. Fees with chief petty officers and sergeants of 8 Western regions of Ukraine are held on the basis of the radio engineering brigade in Lipniki in Lviv, writes

«The conduct of ground combat is not the main task of the air force. But more than half of our units through the ATO, and continue to perform tasks on the frontline. In the context of a hybrid war fighters need to be ready for anything. We invited instructors from the 80th airborne assault brigade, which is great way of fighting. They will prepare more than three dozen of our officers and NCOs so they can transfer these skills to their units, » — said the press officer of Air command «West» major Irina Baranova.

Also the instructor was a senior officer in the control center and the alert Colonel Victor Tsarev, who fought under Dpom in the consolidated detachment of the Air Force «wild duck».

«We were working on such tactical elements as a reflection of flanking attacks and attacks from the front, the capture of a prisoner and the care team in case of fire contact with the enemy, the battle in the room and work in tandem gunmen. The results of the group happy. Soldiers with the task handled,» said Tsarev.

Sergeant Andrew performs the role of a sniper during class. Dressed in camouflage «Kikimora», but instead of a sniper rifle armed with a Kalashnikov. «Unfortunately, armed with our part no sniper rifles,» he explains, » in the classroom were practicing different tactics, the seizure of buildings, the movement of the column. Much of the theory I already know, because a lot of our officers go on a mission, and instruct us.»

We will remind, on November 7 at the Yavoriv training ground began multinational command-staff exercise «maple arch — 2016». In them will take part more than 200 Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian and canadian military personnel.

In Lviv military working on a reflection of flank attacks and fighting in the premises 10.11.2016

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