In Lviv, died one of the victims during a fire in a nightclub

In the Lviv hospital where he died 48-year-old man who was injured during a fire in night club «Mi100» that occurred in the night on 27 November.

As reported the UNIAN, the head of the press service of the Lviv city Council Christine prozac, Lviv received 95% burns of his body and was taken to hospital in a critical condition. She said that the man was a visitor and not an employee of the club.

According to the Department of civil protection of Lviv regional state administration, as of the morning of November 29, on treatment in medical institutions remain 9 out of 14 were hospitalized, including two in serious condition. Five patients were discharged on 28 November.

During the fire affected mostly young people, residents of the city and suburbs, ranging in age from 19 to 26 years old. The oldest victim was 48 years old.

We will remind, in Lviv in the night of the 27th of November in the entertainment center «Mi100» there was a fire. Firefighters evacuated 250 people. 8 people were not free to leave the club. Specialists gschs carried them outside and handed over to the medics.

Holidaymakers started having severe panic, which greatly complicated the process of evacuation. As a result of fire in the hospitals contacted 22 people. In medical institutions of Lviv 14 people have been hospitalized (burns and poisoning with combustion products).

By extinguishing the fire were involved in 49 rescuers and 14 units of special equipment. The reason of emergence of ignition is established.

In Lviv, died one of the victims during a fire in a nightclub 29.11.2016

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