In Lviv burned residence: suffered 10 foreign students

10 foreign students of the Lviv medical University were hospitalized during the fire in the dormitory No. 2 last night, according to the Department of civil protection of Lviv regional state administration.

According to the Department, a fire broke out today, February 12th, at 00.20 minutes, the switchboard in the dormitory, there was a strong smoke areas of the hostel, in which 10 students were hospitalized with the preliminary diagnosis poisoning with burning products.

Doctors of Lviv clinical hospital conducted a survey of students, poisoning in 8 students are not confirmed, they were released into a hostel. Two students confirmed the poisoning is mild, they remain in the hospital for treatment.

Employees of JSC «lvovgaz» cut off the gas supply to the hostel. The cause of the fire find out.

Recall, February 1, was burning in Uzhgorod Central Mall.

In Lviv burned residence: suffered 10 foreign students 12.02.2016

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