In Lviv began a course of military chaplains

Courses of military chaplains the Armed forces of Ukraine startovala in the National Academy of ground forces named after Hetman Petro Sahaidachny, in Lviv.

On Tuesday January 31, the press service of the defense Ministry.

«For the past two weeks representatives of all faiths, members of the Council for the pastoral care of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, will discuss issues that arise during the work of chaplains in the army, and to study foreign experience of service for the priests… This experience to the Ukrainian clergy will pass the Royal chaplaincy of Canada,» the report said.

In training military chaplains attended by 24 priests, some of whom are Christians – the representatives of the Orthodox denominations, Greek and Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and chaplains-imams.

It is planned that by June 1 this year, military chaplains will be equipped with combat brigades of the Land forces, Air forces, Naval forces and airborne troops.

We will remind, in December of 2015, it became known that chaplains will serve in the Ukrainian army on a permanent basis.

In Lviv began a course of military chaplains 01.02.2017

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