In London the underground movement paralyzed the metro workers are on strike

The British capital is trying to overcome the chaos caused by a 48-hour strike by subway workers in response to the failure of negotiations between unions and management regarding the terms and conditions of remuneration.

This is the BBC.

«Today, passengers in London faced chaos after London underground workers began a 24-hour strike over job cuts and the closure of ticket offices», — stated in the message.

As noted, now the London underground closed stations 133, another by 94 stations trains pass without stopping.

Thousands of people are forced to walk to work or to wait long for a taxi, which is sorely lacking. In some metro stations there is an over crowding, people stand in long queues for buses.

Commenting on the situation, a mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that the strike is inappropriate, and the best solution to disputes, he called the negotiations.

«I believe today’s strike is completely unnecessary. In my opinion, the best way of dispute resolution is to friendly negotiations,» he said.

As reported, the staff of the subway stations in London have begun a strike at 18:00 on Sunday, January 8, after the failure of negotiations the two unions RMT and TSSA and the management of the company London Underground (LU) to resolve the labor dispute surrounding the closure of ticket offices on the subway.

Recall that in July 2015 for the first time in 13 years there was a complete closure of the underground in London. In daily protest actions participated about 20 thousand employees of the London «subway», whose interests were represented by four trade Union. The basic requirement — revision of terms of payment in connection with the beginning from September 12 — metro working on weekends. Difficult negotiations, which lasted several weeks, without success, in connection with the July 8th subway has completely stopped.

In London the underground movement paralyzed the metro workers are on strike 09.01.2017

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