In Libya, the monkey was provoked tribal conflict, has died

In Libya there was a clash between two rival tribes in al-Gaddafi, which belonged to the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and Awlad Suleiman. As a result of the incident killed at least 16 people, another 50 were injured, reports Reuters with reference to sources in local health authorities. AP reports 20 killed, 50 wounded.

According to sources of Reuters, the conflict between the tribes began four days ago in the city of Sabha in the South. The cause of the collision was the monkey, belonging to the representative of the tribe of al-Gaddafi.

The animal attacked a group of Schoolgirls, led on the street comes from the tribe of Awlad Suleiman, and Stasia from the head of one of the girls handkerchief. In response, the tribe Awlad Suleiman killed the monkey and three other people from the tribe of al-Gaddafi, reports

In the following days, the escalation of the conflict intensified. «In the second and third day was used tanks, mortars and other heavy weapons», — told reporters on the phone, one of the residents of the city. According to him, currently the city still happen individual a collision.

During the conflict the leaders of both tribes tried to stop the bloodshed. They urged a cease-fire, to the relatives of the dead could take with their body, but to no avail.

On Sunday, November 20, representatives of the local hospital said that the institution brought 16 bodies of victims of clashes and another 50 wounded. Among the victims are women and children, and among the victims were immigrants from other African States who have become victims of indiscriminate firing, said the representative of the medical institution.

Reuters reminds that after the civil war and the overthrow in 2011 of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya remains tense. The country was fragmented, there are a large number of armed groups, organized on a territorial or tribal basis, between which occasional armed clashes.

Between the tribes of al-Gaddafi and Awlad Suleiman already clashes. So, in 2014 came from the al-Qaddafi accused the tribe Awlad Suleiman the murder of one of their relatives. In the ensuing violence killed at least two people. In 2012, clashes between tribes Awlad Suleiman and Toubou killed more than 150 people.

In Libya, the monkey was provoked tribal conflict, has died 21.11.2016

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