In Libya created a government of national unity

The national unity government formed in Libya. In it was composed of 13 Ministers. On government formation was announced on 14 February in the Moroccan town of Skhirat. reports channel Al Arabiya.

According to the channel, also in the new government will have five Ministers without portfolio, among them three women. For the post of defense Minister appointed al-Mahdi al-Barguti, the foreign Ministry will be headed by Mohammed Siala, the Ministry of internal Affairs — al-Aref al-Huja. The five portfolios given to representatives of the Western region of the country, four East, three to the South.

The updated composition of the national consensus government must be approved by the internationally recognised Parliament, located in the city of Tobruk. This was announced at the Presidential Board (PS) of the country, reports

As expected, in the beginning of this week MPs in Tobruk, should decide on the confidence in the new government of Libya. «We hope that this will be the beginning of the end of the conflict in Libya,» — said the official representative of the PS Fathi al-Mazari, quoted by TASS.

The establishment of a government of netsolace under the leadership of businessman Faiz of Sarraj and the formation of presidential Council during the transitional period, which should lead to the holding of parliamentary elections, provided «the Libyan political agreement» that was signed on December 17, 2015 in Skhirat.

The previous government of Libya in January have not received the support of the Parliament in Tobruk. The main reason why the Cabinet Sarraj was not voted in, was the large number of Ministerial posts — 32.

After the outbreak of popular unrest in Libya in February 2011, which ended in the overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the country established a dual power: legitimate from the point of view of the world, the House of representatives that convenes in Tobruk and the General national Congress (GNC, the former interim Parliament), which is based in Tripoli.

In Libya created a government of national unity 15.02.2016

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