In Kyiv and Dnipro will hold a Christmas «Kraïnu Mriy»

On 7 January, the festival «Kraina Mriy» will start in Kyiv and Dnipro. In the capital, «Christmas on the Dnieper» will begin at 11: 00 on the Singing field. The Dnipro festival kicks off on Heroes ‘ square Maidan at noon and will last two days.

In the program of the Christmas market, street food, master classes in singing Christmas carols, carved wycinanki and weaving Christmas decorations, reports

Already traditionally Kiev will host a mass singing of Christmas carols. 7 thousand visitors of the festival caroling together in 2015 on St. Sophia Square. This is a record «Dreamland».

In the two cities will act as Oleg Skrypka and «Le Grand Orchestra», ILLARIA, TNMK, Dilya and «Bourdon». Will end action star den. The script was written from Cherkasy storyteller Sashko lirnyk.

«Christmas is the most wonderful time, a joyous time, which heralds the birth of the son of God. A time of miracles, a fairy of dreams, of family togetherness and Christmas carols sounding from everywhere!» — said the founder of «Kraina Mriy» Oleg Skrypka.

In the river entrance for adults and children free. Ticket price for adults is 30 UAH.

Recall, the international ethnic festival «Kraina Mriy» was established in 2004.

In Kyiv and Dnipro will hold a Christmas «Kraïnu Mriy» 06.01.2017

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