In Kremenchug created municipal police

In Kremenchug (Poltava region) created the municipal enterprise of the city Council «Municipal police».

The decision was taken on Tuesday 29 November at the session of the city Council.

The mayor of Kremenchug Vitaly Maletsky reported that the Creator of the «Municipal police» is the city Council. The purpose of the enterprise is to protect the property, rights and legitimate interests of economic entities and natural persons, bodies of local self-government.

«The new facility will safeguard the school, and provide, under certain legislation, the rights of members of the territorial community in the sphere of improvement of the city,» said Malecki.

Only the municipal enterprise of the Kremenchug city Council «Municipal police» will of 44.5 posts. Share capital of the company is 3.2 million.

The mayor noted that such utilities have already been created in the Dnieper, Odessa and other cities.

Some MPs did not support the initiative Maletsky on creation of the enterprise, stating that the issue has not been resolved at the legislative level.

«This process is still not legalized. There are instances when decisions of the government on such enterprises have been abolished. You can create the municipal enterprise for the protection of schools, not a substitute for inspectors on the improvement or the police… We can now create the police under the mayor, then it will be necessary to create and the municipal Prosecutor’s office», — said the Deputy Oksana Piddubna.

«I do not propose to call this venture by the police and detained or otherwise. The police authority-the police patrol, the police Department, but not the utility,» said Anna Pavlenko.

However, in support of the establishment of the utilities made by other members.

«We need to protect children in schools, patients in hospitals. It is necessary that the patrol walked down the street and people are not afraid of anything. If you want to take up arms, let’s create a teroborony battalions,» said Denis Tereshchenko.

«Place your order on the street. Let’s help the police and create such an enterprise, the more people will guard the order the better», — said the Deputy Vitaly Tactuk.

As a result, the majority of deputies of the city Council supported the decision on creation of the municipal enterprise of the city Council «Municipal police».

We will remind that the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko insists on the necessity of creating in the capital of the municipal police.

In Kremenchug created municipal police 29.11.2016

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