In Kramatorsk was renamed Lenin Park

The mayor of Kramatorsk of Donetsk region Andrey Pankov decree renamed the Park named after Lenin of the city head to the garden Bernatsky as part of decommunization. About it informs the website of the local site 6264.

About the new names for city Park could not negotiate the deputies of the city Council of Kramatorsk. None of the proposed names (European, Engineering, avant-garde, Stare Misto) not meet the required number of votes for a decision, the report said.

Earlier, in Kramatorsk changed the name 72 street and Ordzhonikidze street was renamed the street Oleksy quiet. In addition, 19 have been renamed infrastructure and culture Palace. Lenin and the Central public library. Gorky. Just according to the law on decommunization in the city is subject to renaming more than 160 objects. The monument to Lenin in the Central square Kramatorsk was removed on 17 April 2015. The second monument, located in the Old town, was removed on the night of 22 April.

We will remind, at the session of Zaporizhzhya city Council February 19, deputies are unable to reach a unanimous decision on renaming of two streets and Lenin Square. February 20, the orders of the mayor of the city street Leonov became the street and Park Boulevard, Lenin Square became the square of Zaporozhye, and the street to Tamm became the street Dnieper.

In Kramatorsk was renamed Lenin Park 23.02.2016

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