In Kramatorsk caught the «mastermind» of the fighter with a call sign «Psychologist»

In Kramatorsk Donetsk region the police precinct detained the fighter with the call sign «Psychologist», who had served in the ranks of militants and was involved in the occupation of the city in 2014. On Friday, June 10, reported the press service of the Main Directorate of the National police in the area.

«Exposed 31-year-old from Kramatorsk with the call sign «Psychologist» involved in the occupation of the city in 2014″, – stated in the message.

Established that the man was involved in an illegal armed formation from April 2014 to mid June 2014. Armed with a shotgun, the gunman had carried out illegal control regime at the checkpoint, located near the Kramatorsk Executive Committee on Peace square.

According to police, the mercenary joined the ranks of the terrorists «for the idea», without receiving material compensation. When the city was liberated, action, along with other terrorist forces fled to Donetsk.

The detainee explained that he was very disappointed in the «DNR» and therefore decided to leave the militants. To do this, however, was not so easy, but in the end of the occupied city now took the mother of the detainee.

Now a former militant repented and cooperated with the investigation. The fact brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on h. 2 art. 260 of «Creation of illegal paramilitary forces or armed groups» of the Criminal code of Ukraine. To the malefactor threatens till 8 years of imprisonment.

Earlier in the Donbas caught the gunman who confessed to killing more than 20 soldiers.

In Kramatorsk caught the «mastermind» of the fighter with a call sign «Psychologist» 10.06.2016

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