In Kiev will take place «Petal parade» in honor of the Heavenly Hundreds. Ukrainians are calling for the cleaning of the death of Heroes

The Ukrainian Institute of national memory calls to clean up the memorial place of death of the Heavenly hundred Heroes on the eve of the second anniversary of the mass executions on the Maidan.

This was reported on page winp in Facebook.

«Invite February 17, Wednesday, at 13.00 on public cleaning memorial sites, death of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. The collection at the beginning of the alley of the Heavenly Hundred. Also call to graves and memorial places of the victims of the Revolution of Dignity in their hometowns and villages. To remember and honor the dead is a guarantee that we will remain worthy of their great sacrifice — of the lives they put for our freedom, for our dignity, for our country», — stated in the message.

Also in Kiev in honor of the Day of commemoration of the Heavenly hundred activists of the procession with petals will be living in places where people died.

Said artistic Director teacher-student Association «Theatre of words» Julia Cold during the briefing on the theme : «petal three-day procession to commemorate the Heavenly Hundred Heroes», reports the correspondent of «UKRINFORM».

«For «Petal parade» we will be giving away the petals and go around, every day 18, 19 and 20 February we painted the route, the places where was shed the blood of heroes,» said Cold.

She also told what activities are planned during the three-day «Petal parade».

«At 19.00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday near the stele on the Maidan we’re going to start with the anthem of Ukraine… After this minute memory. Every day we will call the names of heroes who died that day. On free microphone for everyone. Important event(to be held in the first day of the March. — Ed.) this is the view that we have done personally «Ukraine — the cradle of the New Humanity»… In the end we go in procession with petals, each of the three scheduled days — where was shed the blood of the heroes», — added Cold.

Recall that this action has already passed last year in these days. Organizers also honored the memory of those killed on 18 November — the first day out of people on peaceful protest on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and also on January 22, the day of death.

We will remind, during the revolution of Dignity over a hundred people were killed by bullets, beatings, or retreated into the eternity later on obtained on the Maidan wounds. They were called Heroes of the Heavenly hundred. Memorial Day of Heroes of Heavenly hundred established by the decree of the President of Ukraine. Also created «Memorial complex of Heroes of the Heavenly hundred — the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity».

Continues the project of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory «Maidan: an oral history» to collect video and audiofidelity Euromaidan activists about the events of the winter 2013-2014. Among more than 500 interviews of the most eloquent published a book «the Maidan from the first person. 45 stories of the Revolution of Dignity».

In Kiev will take place «Petal parade» in honor of the Heavenly Hundreds. Ukrainians are calling for the cleaning of the death of Heroes 17.02.2016

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