In Kiev will create a training center for training rescuers-paramedics to NATO standards

Next year in Kiev it is planned to create a training center that will prepare rescuers-paramedics to NATO standards.

This was announced by MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets on Thursday, November 24, UNIAN reports.

«Training center for coaches will be open in Kiev, and it will happen early next year … In the training center will be two levels of training,» — said Bohomolets.

She reported that the basic level involves the training of drivers, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and all who work in companies where there is an increased risk.

«Maybe in the future it will be the teachers of physical education in schools, stewardesses, conductors on trains, that is, those who are responsible for the lives and safety of people,» — said Bohomolets.

According to her, Kiev training center will work with the regions, which will create a regular training centers for paramedics in 10 regions of Ukraine.

«Before the training center for coaches that will be created next year, will stand the global challenges of training of trainers in Ukraine. I really hope those paramedics that were at the forefront, who would be returning from the war will be those people who will go to these trainings to be able to continue to save lives of Ukrainians», — said Bohomolets.

She reported that in Kiev have already completed the first phase of training trainers and paramedics in the framework of the NATO program «Science for peace and security.» The exercise was attended by 30 paramedics, who were selected from several hundreds who submitted their questionnaires.

«The selection was carried out based on various criteria, so that the coaches of the NATO in Romania, which came to Ukraine could carry out qualifying training, the results of which they will select 10 Ukrainian paramedics who will travel for 3 months in Romania, in order to cement basic skills training is not just for the paramedics, namely coaches,» — said Bohomolets.

According to her, in every region of Ukraine should be coaches paramedics.

«Only then we can ensure that every driver had the skills of a Savior, so he could provide assistance to those who suffered, because today the mortality rate in Ukraine on the roads is the largest in Europe, and we lose every year 4.5 thousand and more than 22 thousand injured,» — said Bohomolets.

Head of representative office of NATO in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov , in turn, noted that the project for the training of paramedics is part of the NATO program «Science for peace and security.» According to him, this program was supported, except for Romania, the USA, Finland and Moldova.

«It’s many years leading the flagship project, which helps paramedical cross national borders and involve medical experts to overcome the consequences of major disasters,» said Vinnikov.

He noted that when the project is fully deployed, it will be dual use — both civilian and military sectors.

Vinnikov noted that among all the countries — NATO partners Ukraine receives from this program the greatest support.

He also said that from 2014 to 2019 the total amount of the NATO projects that are implemented in Ukraine amounts to 15 million euros.

Earlier, in octave, head of the Central military medical Directorate – head of the medical service of armed forces of Ukraine Colonel of medical service Alexander Khoroshun said that the Armed forces of Ukraine created a system of military training and military medical personnel in accordance with NATO standards. «Today, by international standards 225 instructors in tactical medicine who have the appropriate certificates. They are now training personnel. Established medical training company, started the work on creation in Lviv of the Center for tactical medicine to NATO standards, International centre of peacekeeping and security,» he said.

In Kiev will create a training center for training rescuers-paramedics to NATO standards 24.11.2016

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