In Kiev will announce an additional set of patrol police

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze has announced plans to declare an additional set of patrol police in Kiev in late February. She declared it on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine».

She noted that the police do not patrol enough.

«Each of them engaged on the call. You know what that means? This means that we receive many calls because people are waiting, they realize that the patrol will come… At the end of February we are going to announce a competition, set a new patrol police in Kiev because Yes, we all understand that we must add,» said she.

Also in an interview with Radio «Freedom» she commented to say that her mission in the plan of formation is executed.

«This is a very strong word. But, as I said, normal operation, normal frames, good selection, good training, good structure, attracting good people, the selection of good professionals in the field, I think that’s three to five years. This is the minimum time,» she said.

«You remembered that I work here for three months. I think no one is that you can make some very big steps in three months, six months or a year. Because this is a very large country,» she said.

Earlier, the head of Netpolice promised that by June 2016 police patrol work in 29 cities.

7 November 2015 in Ukraine came into force the Law «On the National police». At the same time the Law «About militia» has been repealed.

The police have a new structure have the right to use certificates, seals, logos and emblems of the police and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine until the end of 2016. Also during this period, the police allowed the wearing and use of uniforms uniforms specific to the police.

All temporarily assigned employees of the National police will be recertified to a permanent position, applicants for Executive positions and investigators will undergo the polygraph test and will be interviewed.

In Kiev will announce an additional set of patrol police 08.02.2016

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