In Kiev, the largest percentage of dismissed superiors, — the head of Netpolice capital

In the process of certification of police officers in Kiev recommended to the dismissal of 80% of the top management and 70% of middle management. In the Central office of the already certified to the dismissal recommended that 15% of employees have learned «the Ukrainian truth» in the police and interview with the head of Department the She Dekanoidze.

Police, who have not been recertified, offer to go to Donbass

As of February 5, certification in Kiev, Kiev region and the Central office were 13 015 National police officers.

In senior management in Kiev from 1 of the 4 head and Deputy head of the Main Department were dismissed the chief and 3 Deputy, which is 80%.

In the category of the commanders of the police and their deputies in Kiev passed the certification of 60 people. Of them dismissal was recommended by 42 people, representing 70%.

Only Kiev certification passed 6 992 employees. Of them dismissal was recommended by 899 people, which is 13%.

In the Kiev region in the senior management at dismissal recommended that 60%: of 1 chief and 4 Deputy chief of Department – Deputy 3 of 4.

From among the chiefs of police departments of the region and their deputies has passed the certification of 70 people. Of them to the dismissal were recommended 28, which is 40%.

Only in the Kiev region – 19% were recommended for dismissal, i.e. 703 persons of 3619.
The total for the Kiev region: the administrative Board of Kyiv and Kyiv region – 54% dismissed. Only in Kiev and region – 15% dismissed.

In the Central office of certification have already passed 2405 employees, continued certification of employees of regional subdivisions of interregional territorial bodies of Central Asia.

From the 2405 to the dismissal of employees were recommended by 356 people, that is 15%, and of the management team, the percentage recommended for dismissal amounted to 23%.

Dekanoidze previously announced plans to declare an additional set of patrol police in Kiev in late February.

As you know, on November 7, 2015 was eliminated by the police and created the national police of Ukraine.

Police officers could take to the police after passing the certification, which includes testing, interviews, and in some cases – and the polygraph.

As said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the end of the year the police will appear in all major cities of Ukraine, as police will be recertified.

Police, who have not been recertified, offer to go to Donbass

National police offers to serve in the police administrations of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions employees from other regions who failed the appraisal. About this informed the head of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko on his page on Facebook.

According to him, the initiators of such a decision of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov included Directors of SEPL Luhansk and Donetsk regions Yuri Mockingbird and Vyacheslav Abroskin , the head and Netpolicy khatia Dekanoidze.

On the argument of that decision, Shevchenko said: «we Need fresh blood to meet the real human hunger. Significant deficiency States (more than 2,000 police officers in the Donetsk region, about 1,000 police officers in the Luhansk region), which couldn’t be filled from professionals especially in numerous localities on the line of demarcation (local inspectors, investigators, detectives)».

According to him, those who agree will be provided with social protection — desired opportunity to serve before retirement (this is especially important for police officers who have to serve a year or two before retirement).

Shevchenko assured that the police will offer the service definitely based on personal moral and business qualities (frankly compromised person will not get the service a chance will have those who simply passed the test or failed the interview).

«This staffing will be particularly relevant if the future will have to take control due to the Minsk agreements or other circumstances, now temporarily occupied settlements. The local police can break the abuse in a result of motives of revenge,» — said the spokesman of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In his opinion, thus «will have a real opportunity to move people from other regions, which gradually will affect the change of attitude and mentality of the population. One of the guards who will serve in the future, will get families.»

«Releases stress in the police environment: those who failed certification, will not feel abandoned to their fate. For them will be less likely to be on false criminal path later in life,» notes Shevchenko.

The speaker of the interior Ministry assured that after two years will be spent re-certification with final conclusions.

In Kiev, the largest percentage of dismissed superiors, — the head of Netpolice capital 17.02.2016

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