In Kiev, the cases of fraud in the currency exchange

In Kyiv has increased the cases of fraud when exchanging currency when criminals rent a booth and advertise with offer currency exchange at the best exchange rate, and then disappear with the money. This was written by the chief of the National police of Kiev Andrey KrishchenkoFacebook.

«Recently, we have documented cases of fraud during currency exchange according to the scheme: for a few days rented kiosk in the guise of the exchanger, and then the Internet is the announcement of the proposal of currency exchange at the best exchange rate. And are wanting and have their money. But as soon as the cashier gets into the hands of the currency, the communication with the client is terminated. An hour later the client understands that the employee went into the next room with his money not in order to put them in a safe Deposit box and to escape from the crime scene through a hole in the wall or roof,» he wrote.

Kryschenko said that have detained the native of Zaporozhye region, which had «footprints» in the three districts of the capital and to appropriate by fraud more than 20 thousand dollars. Collected evidence establishes the involvement of other persons to these episodes, and other similar facts. The fraudster was arrested.

«Always remember: the more attractive the terms of any proposal, the more it should be alerted,» wrote Krishchenko.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the money was stolen even from the Bank of cells.

In Kiev, the cases of fraud in the currency exchange 30.11.2016

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