In Kiev taxi drivers demand Uber transparent implementation

Under the building of the Kyiv city state administration taxi drivers hold a protest action with the requirement to create equal conditions on the market taxi services, and transparently to implement the service call and pay for taxis or private drivers Uber, reports Gromadske TB.

According to the head of taxi drivers trade Union of Ukraine Vasily Popik, aims to share the public statement requirements of taxi drivers to the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and Kyiv authorities.

Taxi drivers require to create equal and competitive conditions in the market of taxi services. He noted that taxi drivers are not opposed to Uber, and their main demand is that the taxi market has worked in the legal framework for all participants.

Under the building of the Kyiv city state administration has set tires on fire, firefighters put out the fire.

At the same time, as reported today, 25 February, press-service, international technology platform for Uber in Ukraine will work in accordance with local regulations.

«Uber is a technological platform that connects users and drivers. Uber in Ukraine will only work with individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, which will have all the necessary documents for the implementation of its activities, including the license», — stated in the message.

In addition, it is noted that Uber in Ukraine will be presented to the local legal entity and will be managed by a team of local experts.

«We support competition. We believe that it is beneficial to the consumer. Uber provides affordable, reliable and safe way to move around the city and is a Supplement to the local transport infrastructure. We have no problem to destroy the transport market. On the contrary, Uber is significantly expanding the market, creating additional demand for travel by the users», — stated in the message.

In addition, the service notes that this creates additional economic opportunities for hundreds of drivers, it is possible for more legal jobs. Money for trips become part of the local economy and an additional source of tax revenue. All payments for trips take place exclusively by Bank transfer that ensures transparency.

«After the launch of Uber Kiev will become one of more than 400 cities, where residents can enjoy reliable, affordable and safe service for moving from point «A» to point «B», which will be accessible with one keystroke on a smartphone. We are confident that the presence of such popular and proven service will contribute to the attractiveness of Kiev as popular destinations for international tourism,» said Uber.

As reported, in December 2015, the Ministry of infrastructure announced the emergence of Uber in Ukraine, and earlier in July, Uber Technologies Inc. was looking for a Manager for the Ukrainian market. Then was a job opening for the post of Manager (general manager) in Kiev. It was mentioned that Uber is headquartered in San Francisco and has presence in over 300 cities around the world. Later, the media reported that the head of the Ukrainian representative appointed Arkady Vershebenyuk.

In February 2016, it became known that the company Uberlin — authorized partner search service taxi Uber, start to build a list of drivers in Ukraine for their further connection to the service.

Today on the website Uberlin available for ordering from the drivers of five Ukrainian cities – Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. For drivers there are three indicative tariff plan: «weekly» (when you run 40 trips per week Commission 6% (+VAT 5%), payments once a week), «the Daily non-cash» (Commission 10% (+VAT 5%), payment – card on a daily basis), «Fixed» (Commission 500 USD per week).

The driver must meet the following requirements: he must be a citizen of Ukraine aged from 21 years, to have a personal or rented vehicle not older than 2008 (necessary to have the insurance policy of the car). Minimum driving experience of three years. For registration the driver will need to provide the package of documents, including driver’s license, passport, valid insurance certificate, registration certificate of vehicles, photos of the car inside and out.

The company did not name specific launch date service in Ukraine, however, the earlier some media reported that this may occur already in the first quarter of this year.
Meanwhile, a Ukrainian taxi carriers have stated that they are willing to pay a cash consideration of UAH 10 thousand to whoever will provide the first official information about the operation of Uber service in Ukraine.

According to the head of public organization «Ukrainian taxi Association» Andrei Antonyuk, it is to be paid to the person who will answer the questions, whether the registered service is officially a legal entity in Ukraine which system of taxation was elected and where is the Uber office in Ukraine.

«We are not against Uber, we are for normal development of new technologies. We ask that this company is respected our country, our laws, and the government lobbied for their interests,» said Antonyuk.

In Kiev taxi drivers demand Uber transparent implementation 25.02.2016

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