In Kiev presented the film «Indigenous peoples» on the origin and rights of the Crimean Tatars

The film «Indigenous peoples», prepared by a group of civic activists from the Crimea, was presented in Kyiv at Ukraine crisis media center before the start of the round table «the Crimea. Protection of the indigenous people of Ukraine. The return of the Peninsula».

About it reports UKRINFORM.

«The idea of the film first came to me in Kherson, where I heard a lecture about indigenous peoples of Ukraine, read expert Natalia Belitser. The desire is available and simple to talk about indigenous peoples of Ukraine, about Crimea is the homeland of the Crimean Tatars, became strong in me at the seminar in Lviv, where at meetings and roundtables, we talked a lot on this topic,» — said the author and initiator of the film «Indigenous peoples» Welder Shumardii.

According to him, the famous Ukrainian experts and politicians, public activists and journalists who participated in the seminar in Lviv, showed a different degree of awareness in this issue, and sometimes its complete absence.

«I asked them all one very simple question — was the de-occupation of Crimea, what is the model of the future existence of the Peninsula and its indigenous inhabitants? Many answers surprised me,» admitted Shumardii.

According to him, someone answered specifically and directly, someone diplomatically evaded the answer, not touching the essence of the problem, and someone began to philosophize «about the threat of the Crimean Tatar separatism in Crimea».

«After that, I was deeply convinced of the opinion that this film is bound to be born, and he needs to tell all — who are the Crimean Tatars, on what basis they are recognized in Ukraine the indigenous people and their rights,» said Shumardii.

Quoted in the film not only documents and laws of Ukraine, but also comments of lawyers, MPs and ordinary Ukrainian citizens, who, by the way, sometimes show greater political maturity and knowledge of the topic.

«We hope that our film will bring clarity and precision to the understanding of this pressing topic for today and will help to decide the strategy and tactics of de-occupation of the Crimea», — summed up Shumardii.

Earlier in Kyiv cinema «Ukraine» hosted the presentation of the Saga «the Crimean history» of the Director Nariman Aliyev. The presentation of short films Crimean Director attended the national leader of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev, who noted that in the Saga is «the understanding of the Crimea».

In Kiev presented the film «Indigenous peoples» on the origin and rights of the Crimean Tatars 29.04.2016

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