In Kiev, police rescued a woman from suicide

In Kiev on Victory Avenue thanks to the timely response of the patrol police managed to prevent the suicide of a young woman.

«On Thursday, January 28, the woman ran out on the carriageway of Victory. Its just noticed a patrol – they designed the adminnarushenii nearby. Suspending the traffic, they ran up to the woman and took her to his patrol car to talk and calm down», – is told in the message of Netpolice on Facebook.

Before the arrival of the emergency psychological help 34-year-old resident of Zhytomyr said that he had decided to commit suicide because of debts and lack of money. Patrol and psychologists spoke to a woman hour. They managed to convince her to stop trying to commit suicide, after which she went home.

The police noted that the woman’s relatives about the incident not reported because she is not married and refused to give the phone native. She promised to return to Zhitomir and to establish their business.

Earlier in the center of Kiev police rescued a man who tried to kill himself a glass.

In Kiev, police rescued a woman from suicide 01.02.2016

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