In Kiev opened a clothes Bank for those in need

In Kiev opened the first point where you can bring clothes, shoes and appliances for the needy. They can come in such a clothes Bank and free required. Metropolitan organizers say that the people readily agreed and brought so much good that all barely fit in the room, the TV channel ZIK.

The organizers also say that often people even bring new things with labels. But the clothes that no longer fit to wear, the choice is not offered.

You can find even household appliances. Recently, benefactors gave a few TVs. They say that now more willing to take things, than to receive. People often hesitate or don’t know about this place.

Bank clothing – promotion is not disposable. He will continue to work in the spring, that’s just a wardrobe update and replace things according to the season.

Earlier on the streets of Kiev mounted refrigerators, where people can leave food for the needy.

In Kiev opened a clothes Bank for those in need 10.01.2017

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