In Kiev February 9, will open an exhibition of works by Maria Primachenko

February 9, at Mystetskyi Arsenal will open a retrospective exhibition of Maria Primachenko. Incomprehensible.

The exposition of a new exhibition at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, called Maria Primachenko. Incomprehensible, will include more than 300 works of outstanding artist from the collection of the National Museum of Ukrainian folk decorative art.

Fantasy world images of Maria Primachenko is a unique artistic phenomenon, a cultural phenomenon that combines the traditions of folk art and personal talent. Through lyricism and naive works that were contrary to official Soviet ideology, are viewed by certain philosophical quest of the artist, surrealist motives ‒ all that which gives the right to consider her a genius who wasn’t just ahead of its time, and created their own reality ‒ unprecedented, amazing, incomprehensible.

From an early age Mary showed a talent for drawing, delighting parents and the villagers depicted the authenticity of it. It is the beauty of nature became the basis for her original creativity. While studying in Kiev at the Central experimental Studio of folk art at the Kiev Museum of Ukrainian art, Primachenko worked hard, experimented with ceramics, creating watercolor drawings of fantastical creatures that will then inhabit the private Space of the artist. These creative pursuits have led Mary to the use of gouache, the vibrant colors which allow the artist to transfer to paper all of iridescence seen it first.

Through serious illness, mandatory job on the farm, the tragedy of the Second World war that took away Maria’s brother and husband, the Chernobyl disaster, which affected her inspirational native land, the artist has carried the love to the surrounding world, its own inner glow, combined with a strong character and a desire to create ‒ against all odds.

The exhibition Maria Primachenko. Inconceivable will be exhibited the works that were created in different periods of the artist’s work, they will give you the opportunity to track changes in technique and style, to emphasize expressive alternative creative method, which sometimes does not coincide with the usual notions of the artist’s works. Besides painting, the exhibition will display her ceramics authorship and albums with drawings of the artist.

Also film Director Alexander Dirdovsky will present a video installation based on the works of Maria Primachenko, combined with its scenic views of the native woodland.

We will remind, an exhibition of works by Ukrainian masters of naive Maria Primachenko stored in private collections, held in Kiev in October 2014.

In Kiev February 9, will open an exhibition of works by Maria Primachenko 28.01.2016

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