In Kiev, epidporog incidence of influenza exceeded by 30%

In Kiev, the epidemiological threshold incidence of influenza and SARS exceeded 30%. On this day, December 13, the TV channel «112 Ukraine» said the head of the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Oleg Ruban.

«Indeed, today we are talking about the excess epidporoga. Last week’s 4% this week — 30%. Today we do not speak about the epidemic, we’re talking about elevated indicators of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. The maximum circulation of flu in Kyiv have not yet registered. Recorded acute respiratory viral infection, including the flu,» he said.

According to Ruban, in Kiev, starting from last Monday, strengthened preventive measures and the delegated right of the school authorities to stop teaching in schools in the absence of 20% of the students.

«We fix intensive epidemiological process in December. The maximum circulation of the pathogen is expected in late December, January and February. On the termination of the educational process can predict when maximum circulation is influenza. The incidence of each week we will stabilize, but will be very high,» he added.

We will remind, according to Ministry of health, in addition to Kiev, the incidence of influenza and Ari exceeded the epidemic threshold in 5 regions of Ukraine.

In Kiev, epidporog incidence of influenza exceeded by 30% 13.12.2016

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