In Kiev dismantle the monument of cannon in the Arsenal area

The monument to the fallen workers-Bolsheviks of the «Arsenal» plant in Kiev must be dismantled in the framework of the Council, said the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National memory Vladimir vyatrovich.

«Yes, they should be dismantled,» he said in the commentary edition

The monument was unveiled in 1923 to the fifth anniversary of the so-called January uprising. 76-mm mountain gun model 1909 «Dangles-Schneider», which fired workers, set on a pedestal of hewn stones of red granite.

The monument stands on the square near the entrance to the metro station «Arsenalnaya» in Kiev in front of one of the buildings of the plant «Arsenal». In January 1918, the workers of this company staged an armed uprising against the Central Rada of the UNR. This speech was supposed to pull from the front part of the forces of the Ukrainian army, trying to stop the advance of the Bolsheviks. The rebellion was suppressed by the forces retreating from the front Haidamak Kosh Sloboda Ukraine under the command of Simon Petlyura.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has already dismantled 1320 monuments to Lenin.

In Kiev dismantle the monument of cannon in the Arsenal area 31.01.2017

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