In Kiev detained the carolers thieves

Kiev police caught the two men, who under the guise of carolers came into the apartment and committed the theft.

As reported on the website of the Metropolitan police, during a patrol of the Darnytsa district in the field of law enforcement came two young men carrying a purse. To explain how bag they guys couldn’t.

One of them a cursory inspection found a gram of amphetamine.

The detainees confessed to the theft, stolen purse with money returned to the owner of the apartment.

Room thieves have detained. Militiamen check their participation in Commission of similar crimes in other districts of the capital.

Initiated criminal proceedings under article 185 (Theft) and article 309 (Illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transportation or shipment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs without sales objective) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall Netpolice expects the crime rate this year will decline.

In Kiev detained the carolers thieves 12.01.2017

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