In Kiev, created a reenactment of the battle of troops of UNR for the plant «Arsenal»

In the center of Kiev, Arsenalna square held a historical reconstruction of the battle of troops of UNR against the Bolsheviks in the factory «Arsenal», which took place in January 1918.

About it reports «UKRINFORM».

According to the head of the Kiev organization «Freedom» Dmitry Kuzik, such historical reconstruction is the first time in the history of Ukraine.

«We together with the military historical club «Rebel» and historians have long studied the documents and the positions of the parties. I can safely say that such reconstruction will take place for the first time,» said before the event kuzik.

According to him, the battle for Arsenal made history because a small number of fighters UNR inflicted heavy losses to the Bolsheviks.

It should be noted that the historical club «Rebel» has produced this reconstruction of events. The participants were disguised in the form of the UNR army and the Bolsheviks, the weapon used, was also present.

The action started with these shots. But, according to the organizers, all safety regulations have been met — the police checked all the weapons.

At Arsenal square in Kyiv gathered about 2 thousand people. Also here duty police officers and ambulances.

The entire historical battle lasted about 20 minutes. The organizers have taken care to ensure that people understand the full picture, so all the actions of the re-enactors commented on from the stage. During the reconstruction of events was used, and a real artillery cannon. The event was finished by hoisting the Ukrainian flag over the plant «Arsenal».

In Kiev held a torchlight procession in memory of the heroes of Kruty.

In Kiev, created a reenactment of the battle of troops of UNR for the plant «Arsenal» 29.01.2017

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