In Kiev called the laureates memory Zhiznevsky. «Warriors of light» became Scoble and Khomich

In Kiev, decided on the winners of the international Ukrainian-Belarusian literary prize «Warrior of light» in memory of the Belarusian Euromaidan activist and journalist, member of Maidan self-Defense Mikhail Zhiznevsky.

They were Belarusian writer Mikhail Scoble (for the book of essays «Sarcophagus of fear») and Ukrainian writer Mykola Khomich (for his novel «the Mystery of grobnic»). The award ceremony took place on Thursday January 26 near the monument to Mikhail Zhiznevsky in Kiev, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The winner of the international literary prize «the Warrior» was the writer Michael Scoble, Republic of Belarus, for the book of essays «Sarcophagus of fear.» Also the winner of the international literary prize «the Warrior» was the writer, the writer Mykola Khomich, Ukraine, for the novel «Mysteries grobnic», — said the MP Oleg Petrenko.

Book of Belarusian writer and presenter of the Belarusian service of radio «Freedom» Mikhail Skobla «Sarcophagus of fear» is a sharp polemic with the Belarusian society about the unfinished national project Republic of Belarus, Belarusians caution in the assertion of our freedom, of absurdity in a modern state cultural policy, of ignoring the power of prominent personalities in Belarusian history and other post-colonial phenomenon of Belarusian reality.

«For me it’s a big honour that I was awarded the prize of memory of Mikhail Zhyzneuski, which bears the name of the young Belarusians who died during the Maidan events. Thank you that I received the award. For what Ukrainians honored the memory of our Belarusian,» said Scoble.

The novel is another winner of the «Warrior of light», the Ukrainian writer Mykola Khomich «Riddle of the tomb» is a historical mystery in which the young Patriotic people of Kiev in search of the remains of Yaroslav the Wise enter into competition with the Moscow Patriarchate, which conducts subversive activities in Ukraine to destroy the Ukrainian statehood and restoration of the Russian Empire. During the investigation of the mysteries of the past of Kievan Rus the heroes of the novel off historical masks, which for centuries hid the lies and political technology, with whose help Russia held the Ukrainian people in obedience, holding back the awakening of national consciousness and of spiritual resistance to colonialism.

«I would like this prize, which is so beautifully called, was the addition of the award «the Warrior» named Zhiznevsky. She should wear a certain specific name,» said a famous Ukrainian poet Dmytro Pavlychko in the final word.

Award «the Warrior» was founded in 2016, the Kyiv organization of National Union of writers of Ukraine and of the opposition Union of Belarusian writers and is awarded annually on the birthday of hero of the Heavenly Hundreds of Mikhail Zhiznevsky. Author — Vladimir Danilenko.

The prize is awarded to the best prose book of the year published in the Belarusian and Ukrainian languages, which shows the noble, active, strong hero defending the ideals of freedom and justice.

Recall that Zhiznevsky participated in the protests in Ukraine in December 2013 — February 2014. Was killed on 22 January 2014 during clashes on Hrushevskoho street in Kyiv, becoming one of the first victims during Euromaidan events. He received a perforating wound in the heart with a bullet.

November 26, 2014 on independence square in Kiev opened a memorial sign to the deceased activist from Belarus.

On 28 November the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded the order of Heroes Heavenly Hundreds three foreigners, including Mikhail Zhiznevsky.

In Kiev called the laureates memory Zhiznevsky. «Warriors of light» became Scoble and Khomich 27.01.2017

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