In Kiev at the festival «Ursini»-2017 present a new project – «Line advanced»

Poetically the all-Ukrainian music festival «Ursini-2017» starts on February 10 in Kiev. The new project «Line advanced».

This is reported by the organizers of the festival.

«On February 10 at 16.00 in the premises of the publishing house «Smoloskyp» (Mezhigorskaya St., 21) starts poetically the all-Ukrainian music festival «Ursini», which takes place 21 years in a row… During the festival will be a presentation of the project «advanced Line»: Borys Humeniuk (from Sands); Jaroslav Platmir, poetry collection «a Bullet and a feather»; Vlad Sord, poetry collection «Transgres(and)I»; Alex Bull, collection of poems «Poems on hand»; Yelena Zadorozhnaya with the announcement of a new poetry collection, «hermit Road», — stated in the message.

The program also includes the Poetic opening of «Vrska»-2017: Timofey Biryukov (Kharkov), Asya Demidenko, angelina Kovanda, Daria Kovalchuk, Lala Zuckerman, Yara Steppe (lions); Poets with guitars: Sergei Vasylyuk («Sun Shadow»), Grits Vagapov («First hearing»), Valentina Zaha-Brown, Dmitry Lenartowicz, Eugene, Mangento-Stalker, Yuri Rudnitsky, Nelia Franchuk; the Group’s «Teleri», «Ruthenium», «Selectie kobza».

The highlight of the festival – the presentation of the teaser of the animated sci-Fi novels of Sergei Panduka «Vinci and Edison» from the Studio «Ant» (Director Tatiana Yasinchuk). Sergey Pantyuk, which is the initiator and moderator of the event, also presenting his new book of selected poems «are So silent Zarathustra» from the publishing house «Smoloskyp».

Invited poets: Ivan andrusyak, the Kapranov Brothers, Tatyana Vinnik, Elena Getmanets, Serhiy Zhadan, Paul, Korobchuk, Oleg Korotash, Yurko Cosmin, Oleg Kotsarev, Vano Krueger, Kate], Elena Maksimenko, Dmitry Mamchur, Alla Nikolaenko, Vladimir Osipenko, Ontogenetic, Natalia Pozniak-Khomenko, Tata Rivne, Olena Stepanenko, Tetyana Cherep-peroganich, reports, Evgeniya Chuprina, Tatiana Septica, Oksana Yablonskaya.

The aim of the festival is popularization of Ukrainian poetry, original songs and original music, the creative, the talented authors who live outside the capital, the formation in Ukraine of a unified artistic space conducive to the creative development of every person seeking to create a national culture.

Earlier it was reported that the Committee of the state Committee for the award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named after Lesya Ukrainka for literary works for children and youth selected the winners for the year 2016.

In Kiev at the festival «Ursini»-2017 present a new project – «Line advanced» 08.02.2017

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