In Kiev, arrested a wanted in Russia Georgian volunteer – ATO

Solomensky district court of Kyiv has arrested a Georgian Gia Tsertsvadze, who fought as a volunteer on the side of the forces of anti-terrorist operation, on suspicion of murder in Russia.

This was reported by his lawyer Ksenia Prokonova in your Facebook.

At the request of the Prosecutor of Kyiv court on 17 January was elected to the suspect GII Tsertsvadze detention for 40 days, to receive from Russia a request for his extradition.

Prokonova noted that the way in against her client is carried out political persecution on the part of Russia, and the version with the murder is simply fabricated.

She added that the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky is ready to take Tsertsvadze on bail.

The volunteer was detained January 15 at the airport «Kiev» because it was in the international wanted list through Interpol by Russia, said Informator TV.

«We will appeal this decision. During these 40 days must pass ex-traditional check, our bodies need to audit all of the circumstances that prevent its results, our task is to show that such circumstances», – said the lawyer.

As noted in his Facebook, ex-Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, Tsertsvadze did not commit murder in Russia in 2003, for which he is listed on Interpol’s representation of the Russian Federation: «on 15 January, on arrival in Ukraine, Ukrainian law enforcers detained Gia Tsertsvadze — a man who took part in the Georgian-Russian war, and in anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine in 2014-2015!»

«He is accused of allegedly committing a murder in Russia in 2003, although there is a clear and undeniable evidence that Georgia in this period he never left, and I want to continue to convey at the request of Interpol in the hands of Russia! The case is clearly fabricated. In fact it is the systematic work of extermination, has been engaged in the war against Russia,» Sakvarelidze continued.

He wrote: «on January 17, held the court, the results of which Gia left the custody of the technically based on what he has in Ukraine, although lawyers were offered the option of guarantee as a guarantee that Gia will not escape. Over the next 5 days the lawyers will appeal. It is clear that in the case of transfer GII Russia no trial will not be there. He’ll just disappear»!

«Hopefully, in the discretion of the Ukrainian authorities. I hope that none of the authorities will not allow it! I with my friends will be in the court of appeal and will do anything to get this crazy massacre of the heroes of the war with Russia hands of the Ukrainian authorities did not take place!», concluded Sakvarelidze.

As previously reported, on January 16 while on patrol the historical center of Kiev, the National police of Ukraine detained on the street by ATO from Georgia. If it was a firearm. The young man was also wearing a bulletproof vest. This is a photo ID of the man — the international fighter Volunteer battalion «Chechen battalion named after Sheikh Mansur» (the sector «M») Timur Makhauri.

In Kiev, arrested a wanted in Russia Georgian volunteer – ATO 19.01.2017

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