In Kiev, a gang of drug addicts stealing lift coils

Operatives of a capital Central Board together with employees of the district police detained three young men with a suitcase in which they carried just kidnapped lift coils. Criminal proceedings are begun. On the territory of Darnytsa district, unknown persons kidnapped lift coils, reported in the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

Law enforcement officers, practicing district and surrounding area, saw a suspicious men who behaved strangely and carrying a large bag.

During the inspection, investigators found the lift coil.

The three attackers, aged between 25 to 39 years was released recently from imprisonment places where served sentence for crimes related to drug trafficking, theft and robbery.

The kidnappers told the police that he climbed to the last floor of the house and by damaging the locks of the entrance door into the Elevator room.

Using the tools that he had on himself, dismantled and kidnapped lift coils.

Abducted handed over in point of reception of scrap metal. The money used to buy drugs.

The investigative Department of Darnitsky police Department initiated criminal proceedings under part 3 185 ( Theft) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Malefactors were detained in order St. 208 Criminal procedure code of Ukraine. To them threatens till six years of imprisonment.

Earlier in Kiev hunted a gang that robbed couriers of pizza.

In Kiev, a gang of drug addicts stealing lift coils 23.01.2017

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