In Kherson missile troops APU held Specocenka

In the Kherson region of the Ukrainian military personnel held a special tactical training with the participation of the air defence units South.

On Friday January 13, informs a press-service of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

The missile class was dedicated to practicing control and interaction between different departments. In particular, the men held aerosol masking when moving positions a hidden extension in the area of deployment of air defense units.

The defense Ministry noted that a feature of these exercises was military also and night. The exercises were held in a tense mode, with the intensive use of simulation of air targets.

«It should be noted that during the lessons the military, past military training in the area of the ATO and have a lot of experience of combat use standard weapons, shared his experience with graduates of the academic units last year», — stated in the message.

Recall, December 1, 2016 in the Kherson area calculations anti-aircraft missile units of the Air forces of the armed forces has carried out 16 successful launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles, medium-range.

Exercises caused indignation in Russia — it is believed that the rockets will run on its territory and has threatened Ukraine missile strike on the launcher.

In January 2017 the Ministry of defense of Ukraine decided to make a mock missile firing in the South regular.

In Kherson missile troops APU held Specocenka 14.01.2017

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