In Kharkov, selling baby play with a map of Ukraine without Crimea

On the shelves of Kharkiv stores, a children’s educational game «+Flags+Capital», on one of the maps which depicted Ukraine without the Crimea, while the owner of the Peninsula indicated Russia. It is reported

Children’s game makes the Kiev enterprise «wunderkind from the cradle». The game needs to develop in babies from six months visual memory, knowledge of geography and countries.

«40 States printed on the cards are absolutely right with their flags and capitals, but with Ukraine and Russia having problems. Ukraine printed on one of the cards «lost» the Crimea Peninsula. In turn, the Russian Federation «came into» new territories and is listed as the owner of the Peninsula», — the newspaper notes.

In the printing press to assure that it is error and blame the negligence of the designer of the card, which launched a series.

«This is a mistake of the designer who made them. In game version in the Ukrainian language such there are no errors — everything is set up correctly. Error only in «Russian» version. We have reprint and ready to send the mail right card», — noted in «Wunderkind from the cradle».

It is worth noting that on the website of the company is only proper Ukrainian version of the card. The Russian version you can not see.

Earlier it was reported that the Kharkiv authorities refused to change the name of prospect Heroes of Stalingrad.

In Kharkov, selling baby play with a map of Ukraine without Crimea 24.01.2017

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